How to Contact a Celebrity

If you are interested in contacting a celebrity, then we can help. Celebrities are always sought after, but reaching them is not always easy. Don’t buy those expensive publications that have phony or out of date celebrity addresses. We get you real time data because we have contacts that work in the world’s most powerful talent agencies and publicity companies. If you want to find celebrities, then we can help you.

People have always wondered how to contact a celebrity. If you really want to know the secret to contact celebrities, then Celebrity Nook can help. People want celebrity contacts for a number of reasons, most often people want to know how to contact celebrities for donations. There are other reasons though, like to contact a celebrity for a charity event. Or to have an A-list Hollywood star attend a private birthday party.

Celebrity personal appearances have always been popular with the super rich, so one should be prepared to pay the hefty celebrity personal appearance fee. Sometimes a celebrity will make an appearance for as low as $20,000, but many charge as high as $1 million or more.

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